Superautomatica Saeco Superautomatic Coffee Machines

Saeco Superautomatic Coffee Machines


Saeco Primea Touch Plus SuperAutomatic Machine

Introducing the Primea Touch Plus, the most advanced-ever household/office superautomatic coffee machine from Saeco. This incredible machine is loaded with convenience and performance features for making any style of bean-to-cup, pressure-brewed coffee combined with automatic milk frothing. For further operator convenience, the Primea Touch Plus features the first-ever colorized touch panel screen on a superautomatic coffee machine!

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Each Cup Starts with Whole Coffee Beans

At the touch of a button, a Saeco superautomatic coffee machine grinds the beans, doses, tamps, brews under pressure, and dispenses a cup of authentic espresso or Swiss-style coffee. The used grounds are even dispensed automatically into an internal holding bin.

The heart of each machine is the patented Saeco "brew group". This innovative construction has revolutionized the way in which the world enjoys coffee.

Saeco Brew Group for Superautomatic Coffee Machines

Saeco Brew Group

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Use the powerful steam arm and frothing attachment to create delicious coffee specialties such as cappuccino and caffè latte. The "Instant Steam" feature makes it easier than ever by eliminating the wait time between steaming and coffee operations.

The conical burr grinder is easily adjustable from fine to coarse for any kind of bean. The grind amount also can be adjusted on most models from 5 to 9 grams, allowing you to brew coffee at just the right strength.

The "lazy Susan" carousel base enables easy machine access to the bean hopper or water tank when the machine is placed under a kitchen cabinet.

All the machines are easy to clean. The dispensing outlet, drip tray, dump box, and brew group can be removed by hand within seconds for rinsing. The inside is open, smooth, and easy to wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge. The transparent water tank is removable for easy refill.


Café Bel Etage

Our Recommended Coffee roasted and packed in Switzerland from Illycafé AG. Ideal for all Saeco Superautomatic Coffee Machines! Click here for coffee vocabulary information.

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